7 titles (5 signed and numbered by the artists)
6 prints (4 are signed and numbered, edition of 15)
and original stickers for an exhibition of Michael Snow in 1964.

Muntadas : Media Architecture Installations, 1999
Preparatory drawing for anarchive project, (January-February 1995)

Digital Snow, 2002
Five stickers on glued paper from Walking Woman (La Femme qui marche) series. (21.5 x 6 cm)
This stickers were expected to announce Michael Snow's exhibition at Isaac Gallery in Toronto, April-May 1964.
Giving away freely, they became very rare now.
A cardboard cutted-piece Walking Woman is present in every Digital Snow issue.

Title TK, 2006
Thierry Kuntzel's preparatory drawing for Leurre bleu, uncompleted project (note: 10/2/99).

Jean Otth : …On the Council of Nicea, 2008
La Table, tautology serie, 1981.
Direct collage on screen. Drawingessin : 21 x 29,7 cm, grease crayon and black sticker.

Two Polaroïds : 9 x 11 cm

Fujiko Nakaya : Fog 霧 Brouillard, 2012
Fog Sculpture #48694 Fog Geyser. Singapour Bienniale project 2008. Uncompleted project.

Masaki Fujihata, 2016
Screenshot from MacroMedia Director 5.0.1 software, a digital tool used to program Beyond Pages interactive installation. An historical computer document: this software is almost entirely vanished.

Peter Campus, 2017
Peter Campus early drawing for Kiva (1971)

Only 5 icomplete collections remain.

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