Anarchive n°5 - FUJIKO NAKAYA 中谷 芙二子


   All Regions, NTSC, color and b&w, format: 4/3 and 16/9, global run time: 125 min.
©2012 Anarchive/ Fujiko Nakaya. All Rights reserved

Fujiko Nakaya is a major figure of video in Japan. At the beginning of the 70's she actively contributed to the development and distribution of this art form internationally. She co-founded Video Hiroba in 1972, established Processart Inc. in 1977 for distributing videos, followed by the activities of Video Gallery SCAN.

As an artist she created more than 20 video works between 1972 and 1981. Very much concerned with social issues, attentive to people's lives, to the effect of tradition and stereotypes on human perception, thoughts and behaviors. Nakaya also adds a sense of humor and experimentation; the two selected videos are significant examples of this attitude.

The 13 video documentation of her Fog Works shows the metamorphosis of fog in conversation with the wind, the architecture, the environment, the performers and the visitors. These short documents have been made from the footage from artist's archives, or edited from the videos by collaborators and friends who were lucky enough to experience her works.

Statics of an Egg 1973, b&w, sound, 11 min.
Soji-ji 1979, color, sound, 18 min.

FUJIKO NAKAYA's FOG WORKS Video documentation
Pepsi Pavilion 1970, color, sound (at the end), 4:06 min.
Fog over Knavelskär: Island Eye Island Ear 1974, b&w, sound, 5:38 min.
Ojika River 1980, color, sound, 10:11 min.
Opal Loop/Cloud Installation 1980, color, sound, excerpt, 5:06 min.
Foggy Wake in a Desert: An Ecosphere 1983, color, sound, 6:57 min.
Foggy Forest 1992, color, sound, 13:10 min.
F.O.G. 1998, color, sound, 8:57 min.
In Love with the Locus 2004, color, sound, 17 min.
Tales of Ugetsu 2008, color, sound, 7:21 min.
MU: Mercurial Unfolding 2009, color, sound, 7:40 min.
Cloud Forest 2010, color, sound, 7:39 min.
Moss Garden Nicey-sur-Aire 2011, color, sound, 4:34 min.
Fog over Asuka breathes with ancient life 2011, color, sound, 4:57 min.