13 March | Centre Pompidou Cinema 2 | 5:00 pm/9:00 pm
Updating, to stay ahead…

After several decades of digital archiving, users are waking up to the risk that data may disappear and/or access to documents may become impossible. Should we just accept this or should we attempt to fight back with endless updating? How should we prepare for the effects of systems, formats and supports becoming obsolescent? In the field of publishing, given the difficulties of conservation, should we be thinking of restitution rather than restoration? The titles published by Anarchive provide us with a unique opportunity to discuss these questions not only with those involved in publishing these works but also with the actual authors of their conception and production.

5:00 pm Presentation: working with digital archive? [fr]
Anne-Marie Duguet, collection editor and emerita Professeur, Université Paris 1,
Gilles Rouffineau, teacher and researcher, ÉSAD • Grenoble • Valence

5:20 pm How Anarchive works [fr]
How are the essential documents for Anarchive’s projects chosen and organized in the production of these digital monographs? How does each publishing project take into account the archival methods of the artist, the research and the critic?

Tim Murray in conversation with Marie Duguet, Peggy Gale and Eugeni Bonet, with a particular focus on the first two titles in the collection.

6:00 pm Conservation strategies for Anarchive publications [fr]
What methods should be used at the publication stage to protect the works from obsolescence related to systems, formats, supports and software versions… ? Patches, conversions, emulations, reprogramming, adaptations… etc.: how much freedom? What are the costs? How far can we take re-creation?

Élodie Bertrand discusses these questions with Jean Gagnon, Jean-Christophe Yakono, Andreas Kratky and Dominique Cunin, with Margaret Morse.
Guest: Michael Snow.

6:40 / 6:55 pm interval, signing…

7:00 pm The many roles of the web: beginnings, dynamic discoveries, coming of age… [eng]
Two different aspects of web use employed by Anarchive projects are Muntadas : Media Architectures Installations ’s Interom and the “updating” function for Fujiko Nakaya's FOG. Once put on line and converted, Digital Snow is able to faithfully preserve the initial program on DVD. What is the role of graphic interfaces in this process?

Sally Jane Norman talks to Rosemary Comella, Sota Ichikawa and Roland Lebreton, with Emmanuel Guez.
Guests: Antoni Muntadas and Fujiko Nakaya.

7:40 pm New archives: what data format should we adopt today? [fr]
In the twenty years since the Anarchive collection began, the possibilities for data format have greatly expanded. Proprietary software is being replaced by open source.solutions. Masaki Fujihata’s most recent work uses a new format originating in the sematic web. Will the format of multi-media publishing be redefined by the web?

Nicolas Thély discusses these questions with Adrian Cater, Virginie Pringuet and Nicolas Larousse.
Guests: Masaki Fujihata et Peter Campus.

8:20 pm The future: towards a preventive digital archaeology?  [fr]
Today, the question of the permanence of data formats and the future transposition of interfaces must be taken into account from the start. Free formats are preferable to proprietary software. What are the consequences of this? How will the costing of on-line publication work and how can we resolve questions of intellectual property? Anarchive invites new participants in digital publication to debate this subject.

Gilles Rouffineau puts questions to Anne-Marie Duguet, David-Olivier Lartigaud et Vincent Piccolo (Art Book Magazine).